What web browser is right for you

There are four main web browsers that tend to be competitive between each other and all offer their own benefits (even IE has its good points occasionally).  Our four browsers that I’ll be discussing are names most of you will be familiar with one or more. We have Opera, Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer.


Let’s start with our most popular and least advised browser, Internet Explorer. Explorer like in the past still tends to be the least reliable, have the most security risks, and crashes the most. That being said the current version has much much much improvement compared to the past. It also has a nifty function that many of you full screen windows 8 lovers might enjoy with the tab system actually being hidden until you move your mouse to online jolietta casino the top. That being said I still would not recommend Internet Explorer unless you  want to have fun playing around with their new tab system.


The next one we will look at is Opera. Currently this browser tested lowest in almost all speed tests and memory usage. That being said it has it’s uses.  It has some nifty web developer tools, and while all browsers now come with them I find opera to be user friendly when it comes to this area. Excellent if you have someone updating their own website with limited knowledge.  And it comes with a built in email client that I’m sure some people will love.  I personally prefer Thunderbird for free email clients, but you might want to give them both a try and see what you prefer.

Opera Next their new browser coming out will be based on the chrome system and has remarkably better performances than its current version.


The next and last one is Chrome which I would suggest for any of your older or computer impaired individuals. Chrome is very very user friendly and unlike the other browsers where you have to constantly be updating and managing addons, plugins and other components Chrome has the majority of these already built into it’s browser. It also has some of the best security and warns you of dangerous or unverified sites before entering better than any of the others.

That being said while chrome is user friendly and is second over all in speeds it comes with one main downfall, PRIVACY. Google is notorious for collection information and Chrome is no different. If you are a big security buff or just enjoy your privacy I would suggest using either Firefox or waiting for Opera One to come out if you want the user friendliness as well.


So to sum it all up:

If you are looking for the best performing browser currently or enjoy your privacy go with Firefox

If you are looking for a user friendly still fast browser go with chrome

If you want to have fun with their new functions give Internet Explorer a try(not permanently please)

If you want to use the email client instead of Thunderbird or Outlook use Opera (although I would suggest waiting for Opera Next to be finished as it performs significantly better)


If you would like to see the details for all the browsers toms hardware has an excellent in depth article  on the browsers: http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/chrome-27-firefox-21-opera-next,3534.html

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