Memphis wore gold and green throwback jerseys

Notes: Memphis wore gold and green throwback jerseys representing the old Memphis Tams of the American Basketball Association. The color scheme was because the Tams were owned by Charlie Finley of the Oakland A’s. Tams stood for Tennessee, Arkansas and Mississippi the three states that comprise the area around Memphis.

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Their father owned one of the first Middle Eastern restaurants in Hoboken in the early 1990s. The sisters live together and work together in owning and operating Flatbread Grill.National Women’s Small Business Month takes place during the month of October and is designed to celebrate women business owners across the United States. Hoboken Girl is run by Jennifer Tripucka, while Don’t Sit Home is run by Amanda Morrison.

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Cheap Jerseys from china The only teams with more than 1.5 million fans that have not won a Super Bowl in recent years are the Cowboys and Bears. And the Giants share New York City with the Jets, the Bears have the biggest uncontested market in the league. The Cowboys are based in the fifth largest metropolitan area in the United States and, before the Texans, were blessed to have the entire Lone Star state to themselves.. Cheap Jerseys from china

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