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We currently only service Lee and Collier counties(Fort Myers, Naples and surrounding areas)

Frankenstein Technologies has a wide variety of services covering all of your computer needs.

If the service you need isn’t listed give us a call; not only are all calls and estimates free,

but there is a good chance we’ll be able to help you even if your issue isn’t listed here.

We come to you

  • Our technicians will save you time by coming dirrectly to your location


  • Backing up is not fun.
  • We will we backup your files for you, but we will also organize them in a way that will make future processes easier and quicker.
  • We also utilize very efficient and quality applications to manage future back-ups. 
  • If you just don’t want to deal with it, we can perform your backups for you! A member of our team will come to your place of residence or business and back up your files on a schedule that works for you.


  • HD, GB, CPU, RAM; You name it we can upgrade it
  • There are many times when your computer just doesn’t have what it needs to make the cut anymore. We can help your computer get the boost it needs to be able to handle the new applications and programs you desire to run.
  • Upgrading can many times be a cheaper and better option then buying a new computer.
  • We will evaluate your hardware and your computing needs to ascertain the best course of action for you and your computer.
  • We offer unbiased as we do not have affiliations with any hardware manufacturers so you can rest assured your decision will be the right one for you.


  • Everything in life requires some maintenance from cars to houses and computers are no exception.
  • Whether your computer needs a proper initial setup, preventative care, or system maintenance for optimal performance, we will scrub your computer until it runs like new. Many times, better than new!
  • Optimization is obtained by disabling and enabling system services, program removal, file reorganization and deletion, system registry cleaning, defragmentation of your hard drive, etc.


  • Computer viruses, we’ve all had them. We all dread them. The unfortunate truth is the Anti-Virus applications you have come to know and trust may not be as reliable as you have come to believe. They often times cause more problems than the viruses they claim to protect against.
  • We can remove and repair damage that a virus has done to your computer without an fresh install 99% of the time
  • And as with any job you must have the right tool for the job. In order to help protect you in the future we will install the best and most convenient protection software for your future safety.


  • A home or small office network can be useful for multiple reasons. Perhaps you want to be able to share files between computers, or maybe you are looking to setup a central file storage system to keep your files secure and centralized for easy access, or you just want to share your internet connection with other users in the house or office.
  • Often, network setup includes wireless setup and security. Wireless networks are convenient, but also a security risk when not installed and configured properly.


  • If you’ve ever bought a new computer, you know the frustrations of setting that computer up the first time. We can take care of that for you!
  • We specialize in not only in careful hookup of your numerous peripherals as to prevent damage to the various plugs and cables, but also in initial setup of secure passwords, security software, and any other applications that you might find useful.

Many More

There are many more things that we do. Chances are if it has to do with technology we will be able to take care of it for you.


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